Once we decided that we wanted foam insulation for the walls the next decision was regarding closed vs open cell foam. We split the difference and decided to use both and here’s why, with the type of climate we experience in New England it can be very difficult deciding on where in the insulation sandwich to place the moisture barrier, especially when there is not any ducting to provide a constant exchange of fresh air. We want our houses tight but older houses need to “breath” a bit as well. So with the recommendation from multiple sources we decided to use closed cell on the cinder block walls on the foundation (first floor) and open cell foam on all of the walls that were sheathed in wood. This would provide a moisture barrier for the below grade, up hill side of the house and still allow the house to breath as  the humidity shifted from dry to moist (and back again). Hopefully we made the right decision but one thing is for certain, foam insulation looks really cool! especially before it is shaved down. Word on the street is that you need to choose your spray foam sub contractor very carefully as it can be a real disaster if the application is not done properly. This is one area where you do not want to go cheap!

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