Wouldn't you know, there is a Techbuilt owners group on facebook.  Luckily for me, one of the owners thoroughly documented his roof replacement and inspired by his plan, we started by pulling up the old decking. Can you belive that the only insulation they had was thin sheets of aluminum foil?  We cleaned out the old bays filled them in with 4" roxul and replaced the old plywood with fresh 1/2" ply. After that, we added 2" rigid foam boards.  Then 1/2" furring strips to create a vent chamber and then another layer of 1/2" ply. Finally, we added the Ice/water shield and then finished off with asphalt shingles. In the end, the new roof was 8" thick. This could of looked rather clunky, but thanks to Fred Noyes's suggestion of adding in a band of 2" trim to the facia, it looks great and does not take anything away from the original look.

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